Introducing One Biosecurity member news

Welcome to One Biosecurity (1B) member news. As a 1B member you will be first in line to receive regular biosecurity news and animal health tips to help keep your property safe and improve your biosecurity rating. 

Now more than ever, we need to maintain vigilance and remain alert to the threat of exotic diseases. With emergency animal diseases (EAD) such as foot and mouth disease (FMD) and lumpy skin disease (LSD) present in neighbouring countries, good biosecurity planning and preparedness is essential.  

With these threats in mind and following feedback from our members the 1B program has been refreshed to improve your online experience and keep you updated with biosecurity and animal health news.  

Recent updates to the 1B portal include: 

  •  a new table of contents allowing you to navigate between different sections  

  • automated suggestions on how to improve your biosecurity practices, such as when your current practices do not meet baseline compliance standards  

  • after completing the questionnaire, you can now review your answers and go back to make changes before submitting   

  • your final biosecurity plan will be reviewed and individual practices will be marked as ‘audited’.  Independently assessed disease claims will now be displayed if supporting evidence is available, such as laboratory results or accreditation certificates  


  • biosecurity news and animal health tips published under ‘Member News’ and delivered to your inbox, monthly 

  • urgent biosecurity alerts issued in the event of a heightened biosecurity risk, such as an EAD incursion 

  • automated reminders will be sent to you if you have not logged into your account for six months.  

It is important to keep your biosecurity plan up to date and to check for new biosecurity tips on how you can improve your farm biosecurity.  

Make sure you don’t miss our next edition of One Biosecurity Member News and check your details are up to date in your 1B profile.  

If you notice any symptoms in your animals, immediately call the Emergency Animal Disease Hotline on 1800 675 888, your local vet or PIRSA veterinary officer. 


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