Why do we need One Biosecurity?

One Biosecurity will help safeguard and promote South Australia’s $5.5 billion livestock sector. It will assist South Australian livestock producers to take stock, and benchmark, their biosecurity practices, make safer, more informed livestock purchasing decisions and contribute towards a higher overall animal health status to benefit trade and market access.

One Biosecurity will help address the growing challenges of increased consumer demand for product traceability by providing auditable data to support animal health status claims.

The Benefits of One Biosecurity

The One Biosecurity program protects the health of SA livestock, improves productivity and underpins access to premium markets.

The One Biosecurity program benefits include:

  • A rated biosecurity plan which meets Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) requirements and benchmarks your performance
  • Building stronger, properties with sound biosecurity practices and skills in disease prevention, recognition and management
  • Healthier livestock and better production
  • A credible, transparent framework for risk-based trading
  • Premium market access and differentiation both domestically and internationally
  • Enhancing SA’s disease surveillance capability which is an essential market requirement
  • Greater capacity to combat the threat of endemic and exotic diseases through better:
    • Prevention
    • Preparedness
    • Detection
    • Response
    • Recovery

Find out why on-farm biosecurity is important, and what to consider when buying new animals.


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