Create a biosecurity plan and use other features

After you have created your One Biosecurity (1B) membership and setup a property profile you can create your biosecurity plan.

Login to One Biosecurity, fill-in the questionnaire using the statements that fit your on-farm practices.

Your completed plan:

  • receives a star-rating based on industry standards
  • meets Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) and Johne’s Beef Assurance Score (JBAS) accreditation requirements.

One Biosecurity plans are rated, audited and sharable.

To promote your enterprise, make sure you choose to set your enterprise, biosecurity questionnaire and disease risk ratings to public.

After completing your biosecurity plan, test it by completing the disease risk rating questionnaires for endemic disease.

Additional features of One Biosecurity

Other features of the One Biosecurity portal include:

  • record notes on your routine animal health management.
  • generate a summary of your biosecurity practices.
  • generate an Animal Health Declaration.
  • record your accreditations and other programs.
  • search for other members.
  • share your biosecurity information with other members.
  • upload documents.
  • view your Enhanced Abattoir Surveillance results (sheep only).

Find out how to use these features.

Further information

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