How to become a One Biosecurity (1B) Member

Anyone with a Property Identification Code (PIC) can become a 1B member. All membership is managed through the myPIRSA portal to protect your security. Currently, the 1B program caters for sheep and cattle (beef and dairy) producers.

Create your One Biosecurity (1B) membership

If you already have a myPIRSA account

If you have renewed or registered your PIC online, you already have a myPIRSA account.

The username and password used in myPIRSA is the same to login to the One Biosecurity web portal. If you have forgotten your password, login to One Biosecurity below and follow the ‘forgot password’ prompt to create a new password.

If you do not have a myPIRSA account

Create a myPIRSA account.

Information you need to create an account

  • The details you provide must match those on your PIC registration.
  • Enter your roadside address into the postal address field and it will display a list of possible matches. Choose the matching address.
  • If your address is not listed or you wish to add a PO Box, use ‘My address is not listed – Allow me to supply my own’ to do so. Enter your address as prompted.
  • The contact details you provide in myPIRSA are what will be registered in One Biosecurity.
  • Make sure your password complies with the directions given.

Submit the form and a pop-up box will appear instructing you to verify the application through an email sent to your address. You have 2-hours to verify.

After verification, your 1B account will be activated and you will be able to login to create your profile.

Login to One Biosecurity

Create a One Biosecurity profile

Initial setup

When you first login you will be asked for the type of registration. If you are a livestock producer, choose this option. Please enter your PIC and other details. If you have multiple PICs you can enter these.

Enterprise details

Enter the relevant enterprise details specific to your property. You can enter one or more enterprises for your One Biosecurity profile depending on how your business is structured. For example, if you have cattle and sheep, your will need to create separate cattle and sheep enterprise profiles.

Biosecurity rating

Begin the Biosecurity Rating Questionnaire, by using the “Start Questionnaire” function.

Make sure you read every part of each question. Comment boxes are provided for additional information.

A biosecurity star rating is assigned when the questionnaire is completed. A completed questionnaire becomes your property biosecurity plan and meets the requirements for Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) and Johne’s Beef Assurance Score (JBAS) accreditation.

The questionnaire and rating may identify additional measures to improve your on-farm biosecurity. You can edit your biosecurity questionnaire at any time to reflect improvements to biosecurity.

Disease risk rating

You may now complete one or more of the disease risk rating modules for specific endemic diseases. Each module will guide you through a series of questions regarding biosecurity best practice for specific diseases.

Depending on the answers, a classification of ‘independently assessed’, ‘self-assessed’ or ‘managed’ will be provided. If no information is provided, or the practices carried out do not meet the criteria for one of these categories, the system will default to ‘not currently classified’.

Properties with a risk rating of ‘independently assessed’ or ‘self-assessed’ are considered low risk properties for the presence of that disease, with high levels of biosecurity in place.

Find out more about disease risk ratings

Further information and contact

After you have created your membership and profile you are ready to create your biosecurity plan and use other features.

If you are not happy or disagree with the biosecurity risk rating or disease risk rating you have received, contact your animal health officer for advice.

Please contact 1B Support if you have trouble creating your One Biosecurity membership or profile.
Phone: (08) 8429 3300 (during business hours: 9.00am to 5.00pm)

View further information about creating your One Biosecurity membership and profile.

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